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Trieste is a city full of places of interest to visit. Among the streets of the city it is still possible to breathe the air of the historical events that have involved the city since the period of the ancient Romans (Roman Amphitheater), up to the present day, passing through the moments related to the birth of the Italian State.


Some historical places:

Piazza Unità d’Italia
Piazza della Borsa
Canal Grande
Lanterna (1833)
Victory Lighthouse (1927)
Caffè San Marco, locale storico ritrovo di molti celebri intellettuali europei.
Gallerie antiaeree Kleine Berlin
Trenovia di Opicina (Tram de Opcina) storica tranvia inaugurata nel 1902.
Parco della Rimembranza sul colle di San Giusto
Austro-Hungarian cemetery
Borgo Teresiano



Bavisela, European marathon.

Barcolana is a historic European sailing regatta, born in 1969 on the initiative of the Sailing Society of Barcola and Grignano. An impregnable event for lovers of this fantastic sport. On Wikipedia.

Osmize, for the most gluttons. Link.


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